Sunday, 15 June 2008

Bread Festival

Today started with a visit from Massimo our favourite rabbit. He must be getting used to us as he came within a metre of Ana and Mathew. Ralph managed to get a flying photo...

This morning, we discovered a superb walking track near us which is a relief as walking around our house is virtually impossible due to the absence of any sidewalks. The area includes good mountain bike tracks so Mathew and Ralph tried them out while I walked with Ana. We hope to make this a regular morning activity before schoolwork starts.

In the afternoon, we attended our first Italian festival, being the "Il pane… in pappa e '900 in Fiera" festival in Borgo San Lorenzo, the largest town in the Mugello Valley.

The festival name literally translates as "The bread… as pappa and'900 Fair" and was a celebration of characters, crafts and food that were a part of the historical town. We sampled a typical Tuscan bread salad, tripe and beans (nice, but once was enough I think!), fried doughnuts, pizza bread and pieces of cake.

The food samples were huge - enough for a meal and there were crowds and crowds of people. It was lots of fun and makes us excited about the summer of festivals in the towns around the Mugello. We finished with drinks and ice-cream at a Gelateria (Ice-cream)/Wine Bar in one of the town's squares.

To end the day, we caught, Scorpion No.6. And here's a picture....still want to visit??? At least this one was outside:


kiwikayes said...

Hope there are plenty of Festivals while we visit. All looks exciting and different.
Keep a good store of Limoncello for us please.
Please, please get rid of those scorpians before we arrive! Hope you check your shoes and slippers and socks before putting them on.

Tarnz said...

Hey there - Beverly shared your blog address with me today at work... What an amazing experience you are all having - fantastic to share all of this through your blog. Pizzas and pasta look fantastic!!! Look forward to keeping an eye on your blog and enjoying your adventures!

Treehouse Dwellers said...

I've been sharing your adventures with my colleagues via your blog!! They were all blown away by the festival photos and the immense involvement in food related activities!! All green with envy!
(I'm becoming like Mum - I was even telling a shopkeeper about your adventures and blog!! Oh well - she was polite enough to humour me and sounded very interested