Monday, 16 June 2008

Children in Italy

A note today about the Italian and children. Children in Italy are incredibly well behaved - very quiet and obedient - not at all like ours! I have decided this is due to the fact that all young children are allowed their dummies and cuddlies whenever and wherever and to whatever age. I am very tempted to try this with Ana! [Update - we tried this in the afternoon when we went to the supermarket and it worked a dream!].

Although the Italians seem to love children, the activities, restaurants, social places and even parks are not set up for kids in the slightest, making it very difficult to find things to do. There is a website that provides ideas of activities for kids in Tuscany - unfortunately most of the suggestions are museums which gives you some idea of the lack of amusements for children here. We have looked into public swimming pools, however our local one has an entry fee of EUR7.50 per person - this does, according to the website, include free use of the changing rooms!!

It is very unfortunate that 2-year olds, and 10-year olds for that matter, don't find beautiful villages, markets, or shopping in the least bit interesting! So it seems as though we will have to keep cooking and eating and entertaining ourselves at home. And hope we don't drive each other stir crazy!

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Belinda said...

Yes, we have found that kids in europe in general are less boisterous and more pampered than kiwi kids. We'll load up with games to bring to you in August!!