Wednesday, 18 February 2015

So, ever wondered what happened to us? 

Well, in 2008 we moved from Auckland to London, with 6 months in Tuscany along the way.  We lived our dream and then arrived in London in the middle of a recession.  It took us a while to settle in and we were close to returning to New Zealand quite a few times.  And then we finally found the place in which to plant roots and call home - in Molesey, Surrey which is filled with wonderful friends and is a very special community.  And here we have remained.  The kids are now 17 and different from the photos on this blog.  We've returned to Tuscany a few times, always to visit with our wonderful friends the Nuccitellis and to help them with their yearly olive harvest.  We haven't been back for a couple of years, however I'm pleased to report that the flights are booked for another October visit this year.  And as always, we'll revisit Fontirosa, Scarperia and our favourite eating places.  Our souls have been left in Tuscany - our bodies will be pleased to be reunited with them!

And our 2008 adventure has been captured in a chapter of a book..."100 places that will change your child's life".  Pretty special.

I may pick up blogging again - somehow the daily life in London, with the 3 hour commute doesn't easily lend itself to inspiration!  But maybe one day we'll have another adventure and I'll start writing. 

I have spent today reading through this blog and feeling very nostalgic for our time in Tuscany - what an incredible time we had and how lucky we were to experience it. 

And a positive note on which to end - since leaving Tuscany in 2008, we're now 7 years closer to retirement age...and 7 years closer to reliving our dream!

Ciao for now xx