Friday, 13 June 2008


This evening, we are making our own tortellini.

I say "we" but really I mean Mathew and Ralph. Ana and I are observing and placing our requests...should they be prosciutto and sage, ricotta and rosemary, pecorino and pear, nutella and smarties...I think tonight they are pork, pecorino and oregano.

This the first attempt at homemade pasta so we're hoping it doesn't all turn to mush in the pot.


No, it certainly didn't turn into mush as these pictures attest - absolutely delicious:

Mathew had such a wonderful time this evening and was very proud of his pasta. He even cleaned up the kitchen and dining room after dinner. And he didn't even blink an eye when told there was pecorino cheese in the filling. He has become a lot more adventurous in his eating in the last 10 days - even eating, with great gusto, my zucchini frittata.

Annette (older sister who lives in London for those who don't know) is coming to visit next week which we are very excited about. I've been wanting to make our guest bedroom look cosy and welcoming with bunches of flowers so her visit is a good excuse. The cheap European airlines are incredible and enable these whimsical journeys. I have booked a EUR0.00 flight in August to London (plus taxes of course) - for Mathew and I it has worked out at around EUR90 return.

Bed time I think. We had to partake in some Limoncello this evening to counteract the pasta!


Leenis said...

Fantastic looking kai guys !
Colour me Envy Green..

Treehouse Dwellers said...

Mathew - you look so much the chief of the moment!!