Friday, 4 July 2008

Lake Day

Another very relaxing day. Again, we spent the afternoon at the lake. The weather was glorious with a bit of wind to keep the scorching heat away. I even managed a swim out on the lilo to the middle of the lake - very peaceful and serene. Until (I think to the amusement of the entire lake) Ralph tried to swim out to tip me over. I paddled furiously even further so managed to escape him. However, it then became a case of cat versus mouse as I tried to get back into shore. He was not going to let me back in without turning me over into the water. So, I enlisted the help of Mathew. I offered to pay him EUR1 if he could help paddle me quickly enough to evade Ralph. After a few attempts, Ralph realised we were in cahoots...and offered Mathew EUR5 to bring me closer to him! At which point, Mathew promptly turned to me, whilst clinging onto my lilo, and said "Make it EUR6 and I'm on your side"!! The bargaining continued, again to the amusement of the lake audience. And in the end, the boys had it and I was pushed back to Ralph to be tipped very unmercifully into the water.

Mathew spent some of today taking photos of the area around us and they are incredible. So, he is starting a photo blog - I've added a link to the Blog List on the left. I think he will be putting up his photos tomorrow.


Treehouse Dwellers said...

I would have given Mathew $20 for photos of the antics at the beach!!!

Enjoy the weather! It went down to 4degrees in Auckland yesterday, and the high in Whangarei today is 13degrees - IN THE SUN!

Anonymous said...

Hello team. This is the first time i have checked the blog and it's great to hear your voice Rach and see where you are hiding away. Hope the birthday party went well and the team are having a wonderful and relaxing time. Not many sleeps now until i get to join you. Let me know if there is anything you want me to bring for you or the kids. Sxx