Tuesday, 1 July 2008

A fairly fabulous day

The heat is continuing with most days being around 37/38. Everyday we think we're going to get some relief in the form of rainfall but the thunderstorms stay above the mountains - we're only teased by the sound of thunder in the distance. Some rain would be wonderful as the ground is starting to brown and we can't use too much water.

Ralph and Mathew managed a Boys' Day Out in Florence today. For all the upcoming girl visitors...I think this now entitles me to a Girls' Night Out while you are here, or at the very least a day out shopping! Ana and I had a quiet day - baking lemon shortbread (I'm not beginning to recognise myself!), burying Playmobile figures in sandpit, chasing geckos, NewTubing (or YouTubing...) and dancing to the Wiggles. A fairly fabulous day!

The boys arrived home earlier than expected. They had wanted to visit two exhibitions in Florence - one was mostly under reconstruction and the other seemed too expensive for what it was. In the end, they ate two ice-creams, had lunch, wandered around the markets, bought some art supplies, then came home. We've discovered the train to Florence - EUR2.50 for an adult one way and it takes around 1/2 an hour.

Our guests start arriving in 10 days time and then we're busy until September. I think we are all looking forward to the diversion - although we've coped better than I thought we would being 24 hours a day around each other, we are feeling a bit isolated (okay, I am!) and some other company will be very welcome. We're already planning the menus!

I will hopefully have something more interesting to write in the next few days.


rw said...

I fully agree to a girls day or night out. I think ana and esme will need some time bonding (shopping) with their mothers, and it will give the boys some time to reflect on live ( without the female species) What a great idea.

Anonymous said...

Life in Tuscany is about to become so busy that you will look back on these quiet days as idyllic!