Tuesday, 3 June 2008


We've survived a very hectic two weeks in Vienna. Here's where we stayed - absolutely beautiful.

The fire brigade festival was excellent - we had dinner there twice. And we managed a few dinners in the local heuriger (wine tavern) which had a playground to occupy Ana and Mathew.

We finally managed to buy a car in our last couple of days - a Renault Espace. Brilliant car and big enough for most of our stuff. Ralph's dad is bringing the rest at the end of the week.

We left Vienna on Monday morning, 2am and travelled for 9 hours down to the house in Italy. Kids slept some of the way and we managed to entertain Ana until 2 hours before the end when it all turned to custard. Only the thought of where we were going kept us sane!

And now we are here. The place is incredible - even better than we were expecting. We met Mario the gardner this morning who doesn't speak a word of English so that will be an interesting relationship. And we've just finished our first supermarket shop. Wow! The vegetables and fruit are incredible as is the selection of cheese and cold meats. Ralph is in heaven.

Now it's raining - I didn't think it rained in Tuscany! Hopefully it won't last long and it will get back to 40 degrees soon!

I'll post some pictures of the house.....