Wednesday, 4 June 2008


We've just enjoyed an awesome meal in our kitchen and I'm now sitting in the lounge (picture right) and everyone else is in bed.

I didn't make our bed today! I think that's the first time in 10 years!! I felt so guilty when I went up to our room this evening and realised it was still unmade. I fear that I'm on the slippery slope to slothville!

We walked into town this morning around 8..."town" being our local village called Scarperia. I have a feeling that Italians don't go on walks- we received so many strange looks from everyone we saw. However, whenever we cheerily yelled Buongiorno we always received a friendly reply back. They'll get used to us I'm sure.

Mathew and Ana are, so far, loving Italy. Mathew is absolutely buzzing - full of excitement about everything and can't stop talking and asking questions. Ana is being an incredibly difficult 2-year old though I hope that changes when she gets used to the place. The poor child has been pushed and pulled every which way for the last 2 months I suppose one can't blame her for being continually stroppy. She loves all the creatures and animals around the house - we've taken a bet that she will be the first to be stung by a scorpion...although I sincerely hope not as I don't fancy a trip to the emergency department.

That's all for today. The chianti is taking its toll and I think I'm off upstairs too. I've just heard my first nightingale. I had no idea they were the only birds that sang at night. Just my kind of bird!


Treehouse Dwellers said...

Have you got any photos of Scaperia yet? Looks like the sun has been shining and the weather is warm - You left just in time - there was frost at Kindergarten today!! So it was time to get out the scarves and woolly hats!

kiwikayes said...

All looks wonderful - can't wait!
Don't forget to check your shoes and slippers for pesky scorps before you put them on!