Tuesday, 4 November 2008

US elections here in Tuscany

We're sitting in Tuscany watching the US elections. I truly believe that what happens tonight will affect our future - I think that we (the collective we) under-estimate the power that the US unfortunately has on each of us. Of course, we here at Fontirosa are hoping for an Obama win and can't imagine that America may choose otherwise. I am foolishly perhaps, predicting that the hope and optimism following the election of Barack Obama will flow into the financial quarters and rejuvenate people enough to halt the current tide (and therefore, very selfishly I know, result in me finding work in London!). Conversely, I predict that a McCain scenario will result in, not only a greater economic upheaval but possibly more instability in terms of world relations.

And there’s my two cents worth. I’m sure you’re glad that I haven’t moved into opinionated postings prior to this!

And in my inbox tonight, an email from our now favourite restaurant in Florence (Teatro del sale) - "per festeggiare (in ogni caso) Obama - due giorni di festa!"

Which roughly translates as "To celebrate (in any event) Obama - two days of celebration!". God bless the Italians!


Robin said...


We are here in Australia watching the election and hoping/voting for an Obama victory, too. Regardless of the outcome, the fiesta will celebrate a man who has already changed the world.

Gav said...

Hi all
Sorry, haven't caught up on the blog for a few weeks but glad to hear it's still going so well.
Rach, don't worry about the UK. You will find something.
Ralf, happy 41st. Sorry we couldn't make it as it would have been about now we would there ....
Enjoy and treasure the last few weeks.
Chat soon.