Saturday, 8 November 2008


You've gotta love Italy...I've just watched one of the best firework displays ever (very red!) out of our upstairs bathroom. Credit crunch? What credit crunch? Let's drive Ferraris, eat pizza, drink lots of wine and send off hundreds of thousands of dollars of fireworks...just because it's fun! You've gotta love Italy!!!


Treehouse Dwellers said...

I gotta say - between the two blogs - you guys are really selling Italy to the world. The travel agents should give you a cut!

Ever thought of this as a full time job? Visiting places for 6months, blogging about it, and earning commissions from some tourist outfit? Sounds like a cool idea to me! I'm sure there is a scheme you can come up with that would also mean free accommodation and food!

Kay said...

Are you available to house sit any time? Or pick olives south of Rome?

Or seriously lease an agriturismo despite the credit crunch?

Email me...