Friday, 28 November 2008

The last post from Italy

This will be my last post from Italy (this time around!).

As I have no adequate words (for once!) to describe the incredible 6 months we have had as a family, I hope the following list will be sufficient to summarise our adventure and give you a feeling of the amazing, wonderful, words-failing-me time we have had here in Scarperia, The Mugello Valley, Tuscany, Italy:

Days in Tuscany: 181
Sunny days: 162
Rainy days: 17
Snowy days: 2
Highest Temperature: 41
Lowest Temperature: 1
Visitors: 34
Ironed sheets: 84
Bottles of wine: 242
Pizzas: 98 (not all eaten by us!)
Ice-creams: stopped counting at 100
Espressos: 362
Caprese Salads: 50
Proscuitto: 12kg
Baking sessions: 13
Additional Kilos: 15 (all four of us together!!)
Home grown courgettes: 7
Home grown fennel: 11
Home grown lettuce: 36
Home grown radicchio: 12
Home grown chillis: 20
Pairs of new shoes: 28
Visits to Designer Outlet mall: 18
Market visits: innumerable
Meat Slicers: 1
Antiques: 0 (see
Olives picked: 80,000
Dance Parties: 8
Birthday parties: 3
Birthday surprises: 3
Books read: 36
Ferrari crashes: 1
Car in the ditch: 1
Helpful Italian men: 4
Swims at the lake: 27
Visits to the beach: 1
Trips to the hospital: 2
Trips to Florence: 17
Trips to Venice: 1
Trips to Pisa airport: 5
Trips to London: 2
Trips to Belgium: 1
Trips to Austria: 1
Canal trips: 1
Villages visited: 26
Kilometres driven: 18,000
Crazy overtakers: stopped counting on day one
Mountain passes: 8
Motorway tolls: EUR300
Scorpions: 15
Scorpion bites: 0
Snakes: 3
Stray dogs: 1
Geckos: 2,000,000
Geckos caught: 5
Squirrel babies: 3
Sheep invasions: 6
Walks to the goats: 75
New friends: 8
Laughs: too many to count
Brilliant children: 2
Dreams come true: 2

Memories that will last us all forever? Priceless.

Ciao bella Italia. Ci mancherai!


janelle said...

Wow! We are a family of four, living in Florence for a year! SO glad to have found you and LOVED the list from this post! in case you are curious;). We have until June!

Renieri said...

Really do you want to say goodbye to our wonderful traditional tuscan food? ;)

Megan said...

Your blog has been such a pleasure to read. My husband and I want to move to Italy and I would love to pick your brain about how you went about all of your Tuscan planning. Long term rentals are proving challenging to come by and we'd like to rent for a while. I hope you and your family are doing well these days. Best of luck! Thank you again for all the incite and for sharing your journey.

Ralph and Rachael said...

Megan - we used this website to find our house: Italy is a wonderful country full of incredible people and amazing food. We sold everything we could and packed up our two kids and lived a dream for six months. Unfortunately, we now know what it is like and wish we could go back every day! I hope you find something and really encourage you to go for it!