Thursday, 16 October 2008

The week of Indulgence

The week of indulgence, as this week has been aptly named, started on Sunday with a 4.5 hour lunch at Ristorante Montebuoni,, south of Florence. We were invited by Jennifer and Francesco who had visited us for lunch a few weeks ago. What an incredible feast which started with prosecco and ended with prosecco! We decided to trust our very able waiter (Francesco) and left all food and wine choices up to him. The meal began with an antipasti selection including stuffed squid, prawn cocktail, smoked tuna and crostini with fish. We then went on to Primi - firstly squid ink risotto with cuttle fish followed by maccheroncini (type of pasta) with whole crab:

Secondi was whole grilled sea bass with rosemary and roasted potatoes:

Finally, tiramisu and espresso. Then we were treated to a bottle of prosecco from Francesco's parents - a wonderful way to end the meal. Some more photos from our day:

The week of indulgence continued yesterday with Mum and I going out for lunch in Florence before walking up to the Piazza Michelangelo which overlooks the town. After arriving home, we ate a magnificent meal courtesy of Ralph, then Ralph and I went out to a local Enoteca to try some Italian wines and because the Italians don't believe in drinking without eating, we were treated to various small dishes as we drank our way through some lovely Chiantis. One dish looked like chicken liver pate but we subsequently discovered it was Wild Boar liver pate! Unusual and probably not my cup of tea.

Today we're cooking - apple torte and then tomorrow, Ralph and I are joining Jennifer and Francesco at Teatro del Sale ( for dinner. Then Saturday night we're out for dinner at our now favourite pizzeria, then on to the Chestnut Festival in Marradi on Sunday.

I think I may have to start exercising again!

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Treehouse Dwellers said...

Fiona and I have spent the evening catching up on your lives in Tuscany - oh the weather - how could I have missed those temperatures!!!

It certainly is a fantastic place to indulge - and at those prices! The food sounds fantastic - and we were blown away by Mathew eating Squid Ink risotto - or was that posed?

Wonderfully written stories that had us there in the moment, savoring the tastes, feeling the heat (well trying to while it RAINS here again). Thanks for sharing your wonderful lives in Italy :-)