Friday, 10 October 2008

Another beautiful day

An incredibly beautiful day at Fontirosa today. The local temperature setting said 29 degrees at 5pm so it has been wonderfully warm. Surprisingly though, the Italians living in our area seem to think it is winter. We visited the local playground and no one was wearing a t-shirt or open shoes. We definitely looked like the foreigners! I've concluded that people must pack away their summer clothes at the end of August so are only left with winter ones to wear now. Otherwise, there seems to be no reason why in 29 degrees everyone would wear long sleeves and jackets.

We've booked at a Pizzeria for dinner tonight. It is located in a small village near us called Galliano. It is one that was recommended by our landlords but we have still not been able to get to it. So, we're all looking forward to dinner in 1.5 hours time!

I went around the property today taking some photos to give you an idea of how beautiful it was today. Here they are:

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