Sunday, 27 July 2008

Home made ice-cream

Oh my!! Excluding of course, Mum who is absolutely marvellous...and sitting right next to me as I type this! Seriously, the ironing, kids bathing, feeding and so on - I'm going to tie her down so she can't leave. But aside from her ... arrrrggggghhhhhhh. Only the Limoncello gets me through.

But to be fair - we've had a wonderful week with my family...including parents, sister and two nieces (beautiful, wonderful nieces who have entertained Mathew and Ana all week). We've had a day's trip to Arezzo - south of Florence and visited a wonderful monastery on the way. No photos I'm afraid as I was (am) sick and nobody else could be bothered obviously! Yesterday we took a train trip to Brisighella - an hour long train trip north east of us. A beautiful little town - unfortunately it was 75 degrees Celsius in the shade which kind of dampened the whole experience.

And now we're eating home made ice-cream by the sister...okay, so she can stay as well!

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Treehouse Dwellers said...

Ooooh - family life doesn't sound like it has changed in 40years!!! - Gosh I think I would love it (for a week or two anyway!!! hahaha).

Shame on them all for not taking photos and sharing the experience with others. Continue to love your blog!