Saturday, 7 June 2008

We love pizzerias!

We had our first visit to a local pizzeria for lunch today. And were very pleased to discover that eating out will be affordable - 1/4 litre of wine - EUR2 (2!!!) with prosciutto - EUR6...prosciutto with melon (enough for the whole table) - EUR5. Now we just need to find a cheap babysitter!

Siesta time after lunch was wonderful - another lazy afternoon in the sun, then wandering around the garden and various sheds that are on the property. There are old pots lying around the place that I cleaned up to put around the house as decorations. It's wonderful to have the time to do things like this.

A bit about our surroundings. We sit on the top of a hill surrounded by fields and vegetable plots. These plots are owned and farmed by people who must live elsewhere - they arrive every morning in their Fiat Panda 4x4's (super cool car) or in their Piaggio's (pictures below) and stay for the morning then disappear again. All oldish men - all quite surly looking. Each of the plots has a cage in which lives a dog or two. We believe these are hunting dogs that are used for the traditional pig hunting.

Ana and I have started a daily routine of walking down our driveway/road and visiting one dog in particular. Ana calls him Buongiorno as that is what I tell her we have to say to him. During the past two walks, we have met one of the Italian farmers who seems to deliberately walk our way with his two dogs just so he can talk to Ana and let her play with his Dalmation puppy. Although I have said both times "Non capisco" he blabbers on in Italian to us and pats Ana on the head repeatedly. She's quite an icebreaker! I managed to get another farmer to acknowledge me today but generally they keep to themselves. I'm sure they will start to come around once they realise we're here for a while.

And with restaurant prices like we experienced today...we may stay for a long long while!


Treehouse Dwellers said...

So which is your car?

Man - country life seems to be treating you well!! Great to see.

Ralph and Rachael said...

Unfortunately none of these are ours! We're very tempted to buy one though as it would make driving round the narrow roads a lot easier.