Friday, 20 June 2008

Update to Italian Playgrounds

An update to our post "Italian playgrounds"...

I seems as though someone on the Scarperia town council has been reading this blog. Today, when we passed through the village, we noticed a new playground being built in the town square! It looks like it will be beautiful and probably ready in a couple of weeks. I am pleased to have contributed to the lives of children in Scarperia!

Annette arrived today much to the delight of everyone. And the thermometer reached 39 degrees, the hottest day yet. We put out the sprinkler for Mathew and filled Ana's small paddling pool...then promptly ran out of water this evening! A big adventure for Ralph and Mathew who have run around the property and been in constant contact with the landlord to try and resolve the problem. It worked out that too much water has been used during the day and we've run the local well dry. Luckily, it is continually refreshed, so half an hour ago, water started rushing into our tanks. A beautiful sound. Especially to Annette whom I'm sure was worried that her weekend was going to be a very dirty, smelly one!

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Anonymous said...

Great to hear about the playground! Look forward to hearing stories about the play there and photos of it.

Great to hear Annette arrived safely.
Beverly and Fiona