Thursday, 12 June 2008

Pizza Party

This afternoon we held a Pizza Party - invited guests: Daddy, Mummy, Mathew, Ana, a couple of geckos and Massimo the rabbit (he didn't turn up - we think he took one look at the pizza oven and decided it was healthier for him to stay away).

The real work began at 4pm with the preparation of the oven.
Firstly, the wood needed cutting and the fire preparing:
Then the dough had to be kneaded and stretched and pulled and rolled:

Then the fire was started...

And we announced a new pope to the whole of Tuscany:

The fire burned hotter and hotter:

While the fire worked to reach the right intensity,
we started on the pizzas:

And set the table ready for the feast:

Once the fire was perfect, it was time to put in the pizzas:

And quicker than a gecko can scuttle under a bush, they were ready... eat!
In the dying ashes of the pizza oven, we made our bread for tomorrow:

And then we danced...because life is so good!

Mathew commented on his way to bed that today was the best day yet!


Anne said...

Well we are in for a real treat when we arrive.The food all looks exciting but then Ralph can make any food look fantastic.
Can't wait

Ralph and Rachael said...

We'll be on a diet by the time you get here - it'll be only vegetables!

Anonymous said...

I just love the comment
"And then we danced...because life is so good!" - puts a huge smile on my face!