Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Our routine

We're settling back into our normal routine after a pretty disruptive week. I must admit to liking routine - everyone knows what is meant to be happening and when and it all works very well.

The mornings are when Mathew and I disappear for school - around 9am. We are working through some English and Maths websites (as the Correspondence School pack has still not arrived) as well as doing his blog. He works while I iron (yes!!!). This ensures I'm not breathing down his neck and continually correcting him (as I'm known to do). I'm even ironing our pyjamas just to make sure I'm doing something else (Mum, you will be so proud of me). If nothing else, we all look superb - well, our clothes do! While we work, Ralph and Ana hit the shops or playgrounds or just explore around the area. They usually arrive home around 11.30 and then prepare lunch. We all meet outside for lunch at 12.30 or so, then Ana goes off to bed around 1. After she wakes up (usually around 2.30) we play for a bit and then go out. Today, we swam again in Lake Bilancino. And this time, we found a free area - we like free! Ana and Mathew had a ball so we'll probably make this a regular jaunt especially now that it remains in the late 30's until 6 or 7pm.

Then home, then dinner, then baths...and then the task of getting Ana to bed. Every day since we have been here has been different with her. But tonight, she was off within 5 minutes so we're definitely going to make swimming a regular outing! Mathew cooked lasagna for dinner - absolutely superb. So much so, that I had 3 helpings! No weight gain yet but I'm sure it's coming!

That's it for today. Will try and do something more interesting tomorrow!

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