Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Pictures, Snakes and Scorpions

I haven't written about the most important aspect of our house in Tuscany...there are scorpions! And the occasional adder and viper and not so occasional grass snake (one seen already). And geckos and a rabbit (which we have named Massimo in memory of...well, that's another story!) and squirrels...and did I mention scorpions?? We've already seen two very alive, very angry ones. There goes any thought of summer sandals - tomorrow it is gumboot shopping day. Did anyone else know that Italy was filled with such poisonous, deadly, icky creatures?

Speaking of poisonous creatures, I drove for the first time today. Nearly knocked down a couple of Italian mamas...Italians don't seem to understand the concept of sidewalks, i.e. they don't have any especially out in the countryside. It'll make my planned morning runs a bit more interesting!


Rachel Holland-Bosch said...

The place looks stunning and I'm loving being part of your blog and hearing about your exciting days. Keep writing as I will live vicariously :-)

Treehouse Dwellers said...

Ditto what Rachel said!! Loving having that connection.

Scorpians - can't believe it!

I don't think the countryside has sidepaths - we don't - and yeah VERY annoying. How busy is your road?

Good to see from the family portraits no one has really changed!! And the garden - Mathew - you gotta love the garden!

Simon said...

Hey, where are the cricket stumps!

Phil said...

Man! I realise people shrink when they age Rach, but you have really shrunk big time in the first pic.. nice blue sweats though..

Leon said...

Your looking comfy there Ralph haha !