Friday, 27 June 2008

Golden Mushrooms

Today was a wonderful day. Cooler than previous days - early to mid thirties - definitely more bearable than 40.

In the morning, we went to the local market and I bought some mushrooms. That is to say, I thought I was buying mushrooms but in fact, unbeknown to me, I was buying gold nuggets. They looked like mushrooms (albeit GE modified ones as they were huge) and smelt like mushrooms, so I chose two which personally I thought was rather meager. So go on, guess how much they cost me. EUR6 (or NZ$12)! For two mushrooms! It was only later that I discovered from Ralph that they were Porcini mushrooms, apparently the gold nugget of mushrooms! And here they are....

Ralph cooked one up for lunch...porcini mushroom with garlic on toast. Mmmmmmmmm. And the most wonderful thing about these mushrooms is that no one else in the house eats them...and there's still one left! Here is the cooked version:

It tasted incredible - much better than a gold nugget!

The afternoon was spent at the lake. Absolutely glorious. Ana is confident enough to swim by herself, with her wings on. So, we're able to sit on the shores, keeping an eye on the both of them as they don't venture too far from us.

And a video...just 'cause I can now!

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