Wednesday, 18 June 2008

16 Day Blues

I'm staying up later tonight as it makes me feel closer to the other side of the world. It is very strange wondering what people are doing and realising they are working, doing something productive. It's also odd to not have anyone, anyone, to talk to. Even if I learn Italian it won't be enough to enable me to carry on an intelligent conversation with anyone here.

At home, we don't have TV to watch, books to read, newspapers to look at. Were we crazy or what? Ralph doesn't need all this, being very happy to look at recipes all evening or read books on artists in Florence. He's definitely the intellectual out of the two of us. I however, am going to kill someone soon.

Seriously, I'm sure this is just the 16 day blues. It will all be fine tomorrow when I hit the 17 day ra-ra-ra period.


Treehouse Dwellers said...

It's just the blues - out in the country you have to start thinking imaginatively and get outdoors and meet people - hard but staying indoors with just 4 people - there will be tough times. Great times are there for the taking if you make them so.

Leenis said...

Don't worry Rachael, the Tv back home is pretty bad at the moment anyway !

annettekayegiesler said...

Just as well I'm about to arrive to save you from murdering someone. I may need to make regular trips - altruistically saving you from yourself! xA